The Realisto Vision

Real Estate Investment And Capitalization By Asset-Backed Tokens

Real estate is a valuable, profitable and stable asset. Unfortunately, the usual ways of investing in this asset class are not only exclusionary, but also grossly inefficient. The volume of the global real estate market runs to about US $217 trillion. Pulling only a fraction of this onto the blockchain and making it accessible to investors through smart contracts would be a huge boost to efficiency, accessibility and transparency.

REALISTO’s November ICO is the starting point of just that. We are creating a platform-as-a-service for real estate experts, developers and project owners to raise capital and carry out their projects—reliably generating great returns for everybody on the platform. Incidentally, if you take part in the REALISTO ICO, you’ll automatically become a stakeholder in the platform-as-a service, which is sure to revolutionize how real estate ventures are capitalized. And you’ll also get in on the Core Pool of REALISTO assets!

REALISTO platform alpha!

REALISTO Platform Flow Diagrams